Bainbridge's Grey Goose DOB 6-27-10

Goose is a SWEET girl that loves attention...she is very pretty, but my bad picture taking did not capture it!! She really is better looking in person that this picture portrays!!! Loves to be brushed and loved on...she leaves her food to come and stand by you looking for a scratch on the neck. Would make a great pet or brood jenny! comes with application for registration.

Price: SOLD to Carol...thank you very much!!!



Nellie is a super sweet black girl that is about 8 years old. She has had 2 babies and one of them is Nina (also for sale). Nellie will make a wonderful pet or companion animal. Her daughter follows her around like a puppy and because of it, I would love to sell the two of them together...I will make you a great deal on the two!! Personality doesn't get much better than this girl.

Price: SOLD...thank you again!


Simmons Lucky DOB May 10, 2011

Lucky is a sweet girl looking for a new, pet home. She comes with an application for registration and is just a nice pet donkey.

Price: SOLD...will be a blind horses companion...thank you!!


Bainbridge's Max Dob 8-15-12

Max is a funny colored little daughter calls him a gray and white, but he sure looks light brown or reddish to me...anyway, he is a handsome little boy that would love family to love him. This little guy can do many things, companion, nativity donk, pet or whatever you decide.

Sire: Bainbridges Jersey Prime 31 3/4 black, brown and white spot
Dam: Hills Haven Midgy 30 1/2" gray

Price: SOLD Living in upstate New York...Thank you!!!


Bainbridges Sam DOB 8-24-12

Sam is a tiny little fluff ball. He will make a nice pet or companion animal. Come meet him!

Sire: Bainbridge's Jersey Prime
Dam Papettis Sandy 31" red.

Price: SOLD Living in upstate New York...Thank you!!!


Bainbridge's Shiny Penny DOB 7-23-12

Shiny Penny is a very dark spot that willl most likely turn black and white...she is getting darker and darker by the day. She has a super personality and is very small. She is the product of a black and white mom and a jet black sire. Extremely beautiful pet or brood jenny....or whatever you might want, this girl has it all!

Sire LN Black Powder 30" black
Dam Bainbridges Lucky Penny, 32" black and white spot.

Price: SOLD...Thank you Jose for your purchases!!!!


Hill Haven Meeka... DOB August 8, 2010

Meeka is a nice jenny that is breeding quality. She is friendly and pretty.This girl is looking for a good home where she can be a companion critter, cark donkey, pet or brood mom....Come check her out!!

Price: living in PA


Hills Haven Raz DOB 9-29-10

Raz is a dark red, beautiful girl. She is 33" tall and is 2 years old...She is a very well put together donkey. She has the conformation to fit into anyone's breeding herd, but is sweet enough to be a pet or cart donkey. She is from Bill Hills herd in Iowa. This is a well bred girl.

Price: SOLD to Gail!! Thank you again!!


Bainbridges Red Rocket DOB 5-10-12

Red Rocket is a sweet dark red boy that is very friendly and looking for a family to love him. He is out of a 29" mom, so he will stay very small. Come look at him and fall in love!!

Price: SOLD to Amanda...thank you!!!


Bainbridges Prime Suspect DOB June 15th 2010

Suspect is the spittin image of his daddy, Jersey Prime. My plan was to grow him up and offer him as a herdsire if he was good enough....he is good enough. He is 14 months old and measures in at 29 1/2" tall. His Dam is 29" and his sire is 31 3/4" tall, so an educated guess will put him at aobut 31" tall at maturity. I would even guess a bit less than that as he is filling out and is not in that scrawny gawky stage that some 14 month olds get. He looks like an adult. He is square, nice butt and nice color. Jersey Prime passes on beautifully maked babies.....his son may do the same for you. Both his parents are spotted and his mother is a wooly, but he is not. Can get more photos upon request.

Sire: Bainbridges Jersey Prime 31 3/4" black, brown and white spot
Dam MGF Lovey 29" gray and white spot

Price: SOLD...Suspect will be moving north to be a herdsire!!...Thank you!!


Bainbridges Banjo DOB 11-7-10

Banjo is a MICRO MINI looking for a home. He should end up on a breeding farm, he is that good. I have him priced for a pet, but if you need a tiny herdsire that is built like a tiny outhouse, here he is!!! He is 28 1/2 tall at 19 months and has not grown in months...he is filling out, so I think he is very close to being done adding height. His pedigree says he will stay small at well...his dad is 27' tall and his dam is 30". he is a very dark red, and has spots in his background...he is the total package!!

Sire: Heikens Ark Hercules 27" spot
Dam: Schraters Justa Petal Two 30" Dark Red

SOLD - Going to North Carolina


The Elms Little Go Getter and her tiny jack foal.

Go Getter is a super nice jenny in conformation and personality. She is just 3 years old and this is her first baby. The jack foal was born on April 25th is is perfect in every way. This would make a great starter pair or a nice set of pets. The little boy measured 20" at birth. His sire is Tiny Trinket...only 26" tall!!

SOLD.....To Gabi for her 13th birthday!!! Happy Birthday!!


Konnie DOB 6-29-11

Konnie is another very pretty, safe for kids, sweet jenny. Konnie would make a great pet or companion critter as well. Konnie just needs a place to hang her halter!!

Sire: LN fillmark
Dam: CP'sGinger Snap

SOLD going to live in PA!


Bainbridge's April Mist DOB Aril 29th, 2011

April Mist is the donkey that I pray I get every fact I hope and pray that I have a pasture full of them every year. She is magnificent. Her mother is a black SUPER wooly, October Rain, now residing in England. Her sire is Bainbridge's Moosetracks, a fabulous black and white jack. It is at a very weak moment that I am offering her for sale. She is semi wooly, thick boned and dark. This is the girl that you hope people look at when they come to your house..she is that nice.

Dam: Bainbridge's October Rain 33" black wooly
Sire Bainbridge's Moosetracks 33" black and white spot

SOLD...thank you Rick, you will love these girls!!


Bainbridges Matilda - DOB August 13, 2011

Matilda is a very friendly little girl looking for a loving home. She will make a great pet or companion animal.

Price: SOLD to Patricia...thank you so much for giving the 3 donkeys a good, loving home!!


Bainbridges Blossom - DOB August 11, 2011

Blosson is a very pretty spot that we were going to keep, but have decided to cut back on a few of the younger stock. She is very friendly and sweet. Will make a great breeder, companion or pet.

Price: SOLD...moving to Maryland....thank you!!


Bainbridges Fanta dob 6-4-11

Fanta is JET BLACK with no light points. She is up your butt friendly. This little girl belongs to my youngest daughter, as she is in the business.....If your looking to make jet blacks or dark spots, this is your girl... if you want an annoying pet, this is your girl....she has a great pedigree and is beautiful....cant say enough about her!!!

Sire: TLA Winter Magic Special 31 3/4 Dk brown and white spot
Dam: Gardners Fontana T 34" Black

Price: SOLD...thank you Rick, you will love these girls!!


Bainbridge's Erica dob 6-18-11

Erica is much prettier than this picture indicates. She is very friendly and will make a great pet, brood mom or companion critter. she just needs a human to call her own.
Sire: Heikens Ark Norris 31 3/4" Spot
Dam: MJB Venus Duchess 32 3/4 brown

Price: SOLD to Mary and Bruce in Pa...thank you guys!!


Gardner's Cherry Delight...dob June 11, 2004

Cherry is a very pretty light red janny who is bred for a summer 2012 baby. She is bred to a black and white jack, so it should be interesting what color baby comes out!! Cherry is very friendly and a pleasure to be around.

Sire: MGF Redman 31 1/2" red
Dam: HHV Julia 34" gray

SOLD to Mary and Bruce in Pa...thank you guys!!


Bainbridges Sammie DOB 4-8-12

Sammie is a beautiful jennet foal out of a black and white mom. and a black and white it only makes sense that the baby would be black and white. This girl would be a good addition to a black and white breeding program or just for a pretty pet.

Sire: Bainbridge's Jersey Prime 31 3/4 black and white
Dam:Wee Ones Samantha 33 3/4" black and white

SOLD...staying in NJ