miniature donkeys for sale NJ

We appreciate all of our wonderful customers who have given our donkeys great homes through the years...Thank you very much!!! When a donkey is purchased and a coggins certificate is wanted/needed, and the price of the donkey is under $1,000, the cost of the coggins will be the responsibility of the buyer. Health papers and coggins run about $100.00. …I have several trips planned throughout 2016/2017...I can deliver a donkey purchased from this farm for free if on my route. If off my route, price will be extremely reasonable. I will be headed to New York the end of December.. Will be heading out to Ohio in March/April. Kentucky in early April....Missouri in mid April...Tennessee in May.. if transport is needed for any donkeys purchased from my farm. All deposits will be non-refundable.


miniature donkeys New Jersey

Gender: Jennet
Date of Birth: 3/16/2016
Color: grey and white spot
Birth Height: 22
Price: $950.00
Hazel is a sweet, sweet yearling girl...She will make a great pet or companion critter...But if it were me, I would use her as a brood jenny...she is a good looking girl!!!

Red Rover

miniature donkeys New Jersey

Gender: Jack
Color: Red
Birth Height: 32"
Price: $550.00
Red was bought privately to be a stud donkey for my daughter two red jennys. She has since sold the jennys, so must find Red a home. He is an LN donkey as he has the "brand", but is unregistered. He is well build, stocky and has a great conformation. He is proven and super friendly. If someone is looking for a red jack to use, here is your guy...or geld him and have a super nice pet.

Heikens Ark Kennedy

miniature donkeys New Jersey

Gender: Jack
Date of Birth: 06/06/2003
Color: Black and White
Mature Height: 31 1/4
Price: $1,500.00
I have owned Kennedy with KZ aspiration Acres for about 4 years now...Kennedy has given us some great foals. Lots of dark spots and lots of girls!!! Due to keeping some of the his offspring and a time for a change, he is being offered for sale. He is a super gentle breeder...very much a gentleman...does not mark up the girls and he is good with babies as well. Will make a great herd sire for someone looking to add color. Inquire for addition info, such as pedigree...

Bainbridges Brett

miniature donkeys New Jersey

Gender: Jack
Date of Birth: 4/16/2017
Color: Gray and white wooly
Birth Height: 21"
Price: $500.00
Brett is being offered as a pet. He is a nice wooly boy...if you ever wanted an inexpensive wooly, here is your chance to own one...will make a great pet or companion animal.
Sire: Raggety Andy
Dam: MGF Feathers


miniature donkeys New Jersey

Gender: Jennet
Color: Dark Red/brown
Birth Height: 33"
Sale Pending
I have had Lilly for 2 years now and she has had 2 babies for me...she is a super sweet girl that could use more attention than I give her...she leads wonderfully, has a great personality and is very pretty... she is not bred, but is a great mother if your looking for a future brood jenny. Lilly is 7 years old.


miniature donkeys New Jersey

Gender: Jennet
Color: Gray
Birth Height: 33 1/2
Sale Pending
Sally is a super sweet jenny that has had two babies for me. She might be bred, as she was in with a jack for about a month this summer...not guaranteeing her as bred, just exposed...she is a follow you around type of donkey. Love this girl, but need to cut back on my numbers. Sally is 8 years old.