miniature donkeys for sale NJ

We appreciate all of our wonderful customers who have given our donkeys great homes through the years...Thank you very much!!! When a donkey is purchased and a coggins certificate is wanted/needed, and the price of the donkey is under $1,000, the cost of the coggins will be the responsibility of the buyer. Health papers and coggins run about $100.00. …I have several trips planned throughout 2018....I can deliver a donkey purchased from this farm for free if on my route. If off my route, price will be extremely reasonable. I will be headed to Tennessee in May and Missouri in July. Will be heading out to Ohio in September.... If transport is needed for any donkeys purchased from my farm. All deposits will be non-refundable.

Bainbridge's Tootsie

miniature donkeys New Jersey

Gender: Jennet
Color: Red and white spot
Birth Height: 21"
***SOLD Thank You!!!****Tootsie is bloody adorable...a red and white that happened, I'll never know!! But I will take her...friendly since the minute she was born...should mature in the 30 to 31" range...adorable girl!!!
Sire: Nissens Pio
Dam: Bainbridges Masty

Bainbridges Blazing Hot

miniature donkeys New Jersey

Gender: Jennet
Date of Birth: 3/3/2016
Color: gray and white
Mature Height: 31"
Price: $1,100.00
Blaze is a nice looking, 31" girl. She is built beautifully and has tons of potential. This girl will make a great brood jenny, pet or companion critter. Will update with parent info soon!


miniature donkeys New Jersey

Gender: jennet
Color: gray
Birth Height: 34/35"
Price: $500.00
I had a weak moment and bought a donkey at an auction cause I felt bad for her. She was down on weight, shaggy and sad looking. I usually pass those by and hope that someone buys them and gives them a good home...cept this time, my hand went up and I ended up bringing her home. I have had her for 5 months now..have dewormed her several times, trimmed her feet and most of all fed her. She is now ready for a new home where she can be loved. She will make a nice pet or companion animal. I believe that she is around 2 or 3 years old.


miniature donkeys New Jersey

Gender: Jennet
Color: Gray
Mature Height: 31
****SOLD***Holly is going to have a great home...thank you!!!***Holly is coming 2 year old...small size, sweet personality, and just starting life....looking for a loving family that will treat her well. Will be 2 in March of 2018